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Les Drus

Les Drus

Les Drus or Aiguille du Dru is a mountain in the French Alps in the Mont Blanc masiff.



Location: French Alps  Map

Height: 12,316 ft (3,754 m)


Ofice du tourisme


Tel. 50 53 22 08


Weather conditions:

Tel. 50 53 03 40

winter 50 53 17 11




Description of Les Drus or Aiguille du Dru


Les Drus or Aiguille du Dru consists of two peaks. One Grand Dru (Grande Aiguille) reaches an elevation of 12,316 ft (3,754 m) while smaller Petit Dru or Small Dru (Petite Aiguille) reaches a height of 3,733 m. The first people who reached it summit were Clinton Thomas Dent, James Walker Hartley, Alexander Burgener and Maurer on 12 September 1878. Today thousands of hikers and climbers attempt different routes to make it the peak. The best time of the year to complete this feat is Summer and western routes, although steeper than other routes, usually is preferred due to relative lack of snow. No permits is required for climbing, but you might want to inquire with the local officials about weather forecast and avalanche dangers if you decide to come here.











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