Roman Grand Theatre (Lyons)

Roman Theatre was constructed in 15 BC during rule of Ancient Roman emperor Octavian Augustus. It was built on a Fourvière hill side using natural curvature to support structure of the theater. Roman engineers constructed seats, stairs and other structures from marble. Theatre served as an important site for social, political gatherings as well as religious ceremonies in the Roman Lyon. Original theatre measured 90 m in diameter, but in the 2nd century AD during reign of Emperor Trajan (98- 117) and later Emperor Hadrian (117- 138) population of the ancient Lyon increased in size and several layers of seats were added at the top. Final version of a theater had a diameter of 109 m and could seat up to 10,000 people. Ancient theatre was reconstructed and today it often hosts Nuits de Fourvière music festival.


Location: 1 Rue Cleberg

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