Musee de Notre Dame de Paris (Paris)

10 Rue du Cloitre- Notre- Dame

Tel. 01 43 25 42 92

Subway: Cite

Open: 2:30pm- 6pm Wed, Sat, Sun


Description of Museum of Notre Dame Cathedral

Museum of Notre Dame Cathedral is located just north of the cathedral across Rue du Cloitre- Notre- Dame. It harbours many artefacts from the site that date from the Roman- Gaelic times to modern history. It located in the house No. 10 in the Rue du CloƮtre Notre Dame opposite the northern wing of the cathedral. Museum of Notre Dame Cathedral was established in 1951 to present the history of the cathedral and exhibits objects from Roman times to the 19th century found in the cathedral during archaeological excavations. Apart from these, he shows other objects related to the history of the cathedral, such as drawings, plans and engravings, diminished models, modern paintings and historical documents, including a proposal to restore the temple signed by Victor Hugo and Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres. Museum of Notre Dame Cathedral was closed in November 2008.