Pyrenees National Park (Parc national des Pyrénées)

Pyrenees National Park

Pyrenees National Park is situated in Hautes-Pyrénées, Pyrénées-Atlantiques departments in France on the border with Spain.


Location: Hautes-Pyrénées, Pyrénées-Atlantiques Map

Area: 457 km²


Description of Pyrenees National Park

Pyrenees National Park covers an area of 457 km² and it was established in 1967. It spans through six valleys and protects over 70 species of animals that live here. Biospheres here range from broad leafed forests at the lower altitudes to alpine plains at the peaks of the mountains. The highest peak in the National Park is Mont Perdu that reaches an elevation of 10,990 feet (3,350 meters). The best time to visit the this protected reserve is during summer months. Take into account that even during warm time the temperature above tree line is fairly cold. So dress accordingly to avoid unpleasant experience.