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Cathedrale Notre- Dame (Strasbourg)

Cathedrale Notre- Dame (Strasbourg)

Cathedral Notre- Dame is a Roman Catholic cathedral that served as the main Christian church in Strasbourg. Local legends claim that this church was constructed on a site of a former ancient Roman pagan temple those ruins were visible until early 8th century.




Place de la Cathedrale




Description of Cathedral of Notre Dame

Like many other buildings of its kind it was constructed over a course of several centuries. Construction of Cathedral Notre- Dame began in the early 11th century when Bishop Werner von Habsburg laid its first stone. Original nave and the dome were made of wood, but a fire destroyed it in 1015. Local residents decided to rebuild the building entirely of stone. Pink sandstone for its construction was brought from the nearby quarry Vosges.


Cathedrale Notre- Dame (Strasbourg)  Cathedrale Notre- Dame (Strasbourg)

Cathedral Notre- Dame was completed only four centuries later in 1439. The colorful rose window and many statues crown the entrance of this magnificent church. During World War II stained glass windows of the cathedral were removed and taken to Germany, but after the completion of hostilities they were returned to its present location.


As you enter South door you can see Gothic Pilier des Anges (Pillar of Angels). It was originally constructed in 1230. Astronomical clock was added to Cathedral Notre- Dame in 1832. It has a unique mechanism that shows the orbits of the Earth, Moon and several planets that were known at the time from Mercury to Saturn. The slowest rotating circle of this clock shows the procession of the Earth's axis with a turnover of 25,800 years. Small mechanical figures appear at 12:31 pm and follow in a procession. Cathedral contains its own museum (Musee de l'Oeuvre Notre- Dame) with examples of medieval art that dates back to the 11th century.