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Towers of Merle (Tours de Merle)

Towers of Merle

Towers of Merle is a complex of defensive structures situated in the French wilderness.



Location: Saint-Geniez-ô-Merle, Corrèze département   Map

Constructed: 12th and 15th century

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Description of Towers of Merle


The construction of Towers of Merle began in the twelfth century. In the fifteenth century fortification of Towers of Merle saw a new stage in the construction. None of them, however were able to make the citadel impregnable. During Hundred Years' War the invading British troops managed to take the castle and damage it in 1371. In 1574 it fell to the Protestant army. Eventually changes in the military tactic made this majestic example of military architecture obsolete. Today it lies in ruins among beautiful pristine forests and mountains.











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