Verdon Gorge

Verdon Gorge

Verge Gorge is the deepest gorge in Europe located in a province Provence- Alpes- Cote- D’Azur of France.


Location: Provence- Alpes- Cote- D’Azur Map

Length: 12 mi (30 km)

Age of the gorge: 25 million years


Description of Verge Gorge

Verdon Gorge MapLimestone cliffs of Verge Gorge reach a height of 700 meters and it is about 12 mi (30 km) long. It is locally known as Grand Canyon du Verdon. You can access the gorge from the West from Lac de Ste Croix or Moistiers- Ste- Marie (see map on the left). Road D952 will take you along the North Rim of the canyon, while D71 road will take along the South Rim.


First humans settled the region about 400,000 years ago. Many artifacts were found in the Grotte de la Baume Bonne near a village of Quinson (West of Lac de Ste Croix).


The gorge is open to fishing, climbing, kayaking and rafting. A net work of well marked trails of various lengths will allow you to explore this beautiful geologic formation. Although at times you will need great deal of stamina and attention to walk along narrow paths that are cut in the walls of the canyon. If you want to cycle around the valley and enjoy its splendid views you can take a road.