Bordeaux is a town in the southwest of France. Capital of Gaul in Aquitaine under the Roman Empire for nearly 200 years; then of the Duchy of Aquitaine, of the royal province of Guyenne and of the Age of Enlightenment, it is today the capital and the prefecture of the New Aquitaine region, of the department of Gironde and the seat of Bordeaux Métropole.

As of January 1, 2017, it was the ninth largest municipality in France in terms of its population with 254,436 inhabitants. However, with 1,232,550 inhabitants in 2016, the urban area of ​​Bordeaux is the fifth largest urban area in France. The city is also the center of an agglomeration of 927,445 inhabitants and a metropolis of 791,958 inhabitants.

An integral part of cultural Gascony, Bordeaux is located at the crossroads of the Landes Forest and the Atlantic Ocean. During the advent of the Empire, the Romans planted vines on the banks of the Garonne and introduced vines from the Basque foothills. Bordeaux's central position between commercial, land and river routes in the heart of a rich wine region, has made it one of the main cities of France, with royal palaces, rich abbeys and a cathedral. During the twelfth century, Bordeaux became one of the first centers in Europe for education and international trade. In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, Bordeaux became the first port of the Kingdom of France and the third slave port. Crossed by the Garonne and bordering the Atlantic Coast, the metropolis of lights has been staging since the eighteenth century its blond and golden facades, its prestigious courtyards and monumental squares, as well as its lively streets accompanied by its French gardens.


World capital of wine by its castles and prestigious Bordeaux vineyards which feature the slopes of the Gironde, the city is also considered to be a center of gastronomy and business tourism for the organization of international conferences. It is also a central and strategic hub of the aeronautics, military and space sector, bringing together several international companies such as Dassault Aviation, Ariane Group, Safran and Thalès. A link with aviation established in 1910, the year of the first flight over the city by an airplane. The pilots Ruchonnet and Daudret being at the origin of this performance on August 24, 1910. Important crossroads of knowledge by the university research, it shelters one of the only two laser megajoule of the world, as well as an important university pole of nearly 100,000 students in the Bordeaux metropolis.

Finally, Bordeaux is an international tourist destination for its exceptional architectural and cultural heritage bringing together more than 350 historical monuments which make Bordeaux, after Paris, the city with the most monuments classified or registered as historical monuments in France. The metropolis has also received numerous awards and rankings by international organizations, such as in 1957, Bordeaux was awarded the Europe Prize for its exceptional efforts in transmitting the European ideal. And in June 2007, with more than 1,810 hectares, it is the largest protected city in the world, with the inscription of the Port of the Moon by the World Heritage Committee, appointed by the General Assembly of the Unesco, on the World Heritage List for all of the cultural and natural properties of exceptional interest for the common heritage of humanity.