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Caen is a city in the north-west of France, the largest city and capital of the Normandy region and the Calvados department. It is located about 20 km from the sea. It is part of the Agglomeration Community of Caen-la-Mer.

It is a university town, therefore very active during the school year. In summer, many tourists visiting the region stop over in Caen, mainly English and Germans who have come for the Memorial and the remains of the Second World War. Caen is a modern city since it was destroyed on half of its surface in 1944. The city contains an exceptional historical heritage: a large number of churches are located on a relatively small perimeter. The reconstruction of the city (work of Marc Brillaud de Laujardière), with a very Norman restraint, was hailed as a success.

Caen enjoys an oceanic climate, that is to say a temperate climate with cool summers and mild winters.

Caen temperatures are never excessive because of the proximity to the sea. This neighborhood makes it possible on the one hand to soften the too harsh winters and on the other to cool the summers which would be too hot thanks to the presence of the breeze. , this sea wind which cools the land as soon as the temperature on them becomes much higher than that of the water.



Abbey of Saint-Étienne
The Abbaye aux Hommes, or Saint-Etienne de Caen abbey, is one of the two great abbeys, along with the Ladies' Abbey, founded by William the Bastard the future conqueror, around 1060, in Caen, France. It rises to the west of the old city center and gave the name of Bourg-l'Abbé to the district that surrounds it. The Saint-Étienne church, the former abbey church, became a parish church after the Revolution. The conventual buildings, transformed into a high school in the 19th century, have housed the town hall since the 1960s. The abbey offers a very beautiful architectural ensemble built between the eleventh and eighteenth centuries and the impact of the Saint-Etienne church in Caen is essential on the history of Art in Normandy and England. The church is classified as historical monuments on the list of 1840, the cloister and convent buildings in 1911 and other constructions registered in 1927 and 1928.


Caen Castle/ Château de Caen
The castle of Caen is a fortified castle, founded around 1060 by William the Bastard, altered over the centuries, which stands in the French commune of Caen in the Calvados department, in the Normandy region. With its 5.5 hectares, it is one of the largest castles in Europe.

Saint-Pierre church in Caen
The Saint-Pierre de Caen church is one of the main religious buildings in the old city center of Caen. This monument is the subject of a classification as historical monuments by the list of 1840.