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Calvi is a commune and a small town in France located in the north of Corsica. Calvi is one of the most beautiful seaside resorts located on the north west coast of Haute-Corse in the micro-region of Balagne.

Calvi is famous for its enchanting setting, its historic Citadel, its marina, its lake (organization of races for the world trimaran championship), its bay and its fine sandy beach of several kilometers, its hinterland , its typical Corsican villages and its mountains over 2000 meters.



Citadel Logo indicating a link to the element wikidata - built from 1483 to 1492, dominates the city and the bay with its ramparts.

Former Saint-Jean-Baptiste cathedral
The Saint-Jean-Baptiste pro-cathedral is a former Roman Catholic cathedral located in Calvi in ​​the Haute-Corse department. It was the seat of the diocese of Sagone between 1576 and 1802, the date of its abolition and its attachment to the diocese of Ajaccio.

Located in the citadel and originally built in the 13th century, the church was rebuilt in 1570, after partial destruction, in a classic Baroque style. It became pro-cathedral in 1576 thanks to Pope Gregory XIII, when the bishops of Sagone established their residence there.

It is from the Saint-Jean-Baptiste cathedral that all the Calvaise Holy Week processions start. On Holy Wednesday Our Lady of the Rosary is dressed in her blue robe and on Good Friday in her black robe. On Easter Day, she takes on her rich brocade dress. As for the Christ of Miracles, it is only in the event of calamity that he is solemnly carried in procession. The religious building has been classified as a historical monument since August 10, 1920.

The Saint-Jean-Baptiste cathedral in Calvi is in the “Corsican baroque” style. Somewhat transformed into a fort, the church only presents its south-eastern part and its western facade. This is only pierced by a single portal.

The church is designed in the form of a Greek cross, the nave extended to the east by the choir where the high altar sits; the main nave, flanked by two aisles, and the choir are separated by a balustrade. Two secondary altars frame it in side chapels. The chapel on the right is dedicated to the Black Christ of Miracles, and the one on the left to Our Lady of the Rosary.

It has a round dome, with a circular base, surmounted by a cylindrical lantern reinforced by four contiguous creeping volutes, pierced between each volute of four small rectangular windows which provide a soft light on the interior decorations. The cover of the dome and its large lantern is made of glazed tortoiseshell tiles.

The bay with its white sand beach and pine forest. Without doubt one of the most beautiful bays of the Isle of Beauty.
The Lower Town with the rue Clemenceau and its cobblestones dating from the Genoese era, the Quai Landry with its palm trees, its colorful bar terraces, the sea and the mountains as a backdrop.
The Notre Dame de la Serra chapel offers a magnificent view over the entire gulf.
The lighthouse on the Revelatta peninsula shows another aspect of the sea with its granite cliffs plunging into the Mediterranean.
For lovers of scuba diving: at the foot of the citadel of Calvi at a depth of 26 meters lies a B17 of the American army following a crash in 1944.