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Chablis is a French commune located in the Yonne department in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region. It is particularly famous and known for its wine. Its inhabitants are called the Chablisiens.



In 867, Charles II the Bald gave the monastery of Saint-Loup and the houses making up the "villa" of Chablis to the monks of Saint Martin de Tours who were fleeing the Normans, Chablis being placed under the authority of the canons of the abbey of Saint Martin de Tours. The Saint Martin de Chablis collegiate church is built on this site.

In 1116, the church of Chablis was confirmed in its attachment to the abbey of Saint-Michel de Tonnerre by Godefroy, bishop of Langres. The monks of Saint-Martin de Tours established in Chablis obtain protection from the Count of Troyes (future Count of Champagne) as part of a bet.

In 1274, the attachment of Champagne to France brought the avouerie of Chablis under royal suzerainty. From that time, two justices are exercised in turn (that of the provost of Saint-Martin of Tours and that of the officers of the lords of Noyers).

In 1358, during the Hundred Years War, the English plundered Chablis and other towns of Yonne (including Auxerre), which forced the Duke of Burgundy, Philippe I of Burgundy, to sign the Treaty of Brétigny in 1360 1460.

In 1403, the town was surrounded by an enclosure (three doors and twenty-nine towers). The suburbs (including the Church of Saint-Pierre and the Priory of Saint-Cosme de Chablis) are also protected by a wall.

In 1425, the fortified town had the following streets: du Vau de Colleau, Moulin Saint-Martin, Eurat de Venoise, La Courge, Levesque, Auceroise, Bouchard, Dame-Sainte, du Four de la Porte.

In 1478, the Lerouge family established the fifth printing press in France in Chablis8. On April 1, 1478, Pierre Lerouge prints the Book of Good Morals made and composed by Brother Jacques Legrand. Then, in 1483, Pierre Lerouge printed the Breviary of Auxerre and in 1489, Guillaume Lerouge printed Les Expositions des euangilles in francoys.

In 1568, the Huguenots took and burnt Chablis.

From 1887 to 1951, Chablis hosted a departmental railway station "Le Tacot".

On June 15, 1940, Chablis was bombed by the German air force.

On January 1, 1973, the communes of Fyé, Milly and Poinchy were attached to that of Chablis under the simple merger regime.


Cultural events and festivities

Every year, entertainment is offered at the pâti during the music festival on June 21.

Likewise for the national holiday. On the evening of July 13, various activities (rides, etc.) take place at the pâti, followed by a torchlight retreat and fireworks. The evening ends with a DJ.

The Chablisien28 festival takes place in the second half of July, in the community of Chablis, Villages et Terroirs communes (medieval music, classical music, world music and jazz).

The “Bouge ton cru” festival takes place in July every year. The 2018 edition brought together nearly a thousand people.

Every year there is a night market in the city center from 7 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. on the first Friday of August.

A wine festival takes place every year, during the last weekend of October. She will celebrate her 70th birthday in 2018. Since 2019, a marathon takes place the same weekend.

Christmas-related events are offered every year, during the month of December.

On a regular basis, cinema screenings take place in an equipped room in the municipality. These sessions take place on Thursdays, once or twice a month.

The construction of a health center will be completed in 2018, several practitioners will practice there. A pharmacy is open in the heart of the city center.



Chablis, capital of the canton, is 18 km east of Auxerre, its prefecture. The town is crossed by the RD 965 (former RN 65), an axis connecting Auxerre to Tonnerre (16 km to the east) and further Chaumont (120 km to the east).

Geology and relief
The town of Chablis is partly established on a low hill, and surrounded by several other hillocks, used in the cultivation of vines.

Its altitude varies between 126 and 311 meters.

The town is crossed by the river called the Serein.



Road transport
Chablis is bypassed by the D965, which connects Auxerre in 25 minutes, and Tonnerre in 20 minutes.

It is also possible to join the A6 in about twenty minutes.

Inter-urban transport
An inter-urban bus transport line serves the town of Chablis. This is the LR04 line, going back and forth between Auxerre and Tonnerre.