Château de Bourdeilles

Château de Bourdeilles is a medieval citadel situated in Dordogne département in France.



Location: Dordogne département   Map

Constructed: 1183


Description of Château de Bourdeilles

Château de Bourdeilles  Château de Bourdeilles

Château de Bourdeilles was constructed in 1183 and its name is derived from a legendary Queen Athilda Bourdeille, daughter of the king of England, who married Frankish king Marcomer. This tribal leader became famous for his daring raids inside the Roman Empire in the 4th century AD. Local folk legend claimed that the current site of the castle was also a site where legendary monarchs once lived. The original medieval stronghold is called Castle of the Counts. Another newer addition is called the Renaissance Palace. Despite its name it was constructed much earlier in the 13th century by Geraud de Maulmont. Later improvements made more of the Renaissance residence rather than a medieval citadel.