Château de Conches-en-Ouche

Château de Conches-en-Ouche

Château de Conches-en-Ouche is located in Conches-en-Ouche commune of Eure department of France. The original military fortifications were at least three stories high constructed on a motte or a tall mound. Its walls were 2.60 meters in thickness.


Location: Eure department, Haute-Normandie region Map

Constructed: 1035 by Roger I of Tosny


History of Château de Conches-en-Ouche


Castle of Conches-en-Ouche was constructed in 1035 by Roger I of Tosny. It was captured by Philip II of the France in 1199. During the Hundred Years' War between France and England the stronghold saw a lot of military action. It was taken by the invading French troops in 1364, but in 1371 it was recaptured by the French. In 1420 it was taken again by the English, retaken in 1440 by the French, taken by the English in 1441 and retaken by the French crown finally in 1449. The castle was destroyed in the 16th century during the French Wars of Religions between the Protestants and Catholics. The stronghold was held by the Catholic League who opposed Henry of Navarre, king of France. The king destroyed the fortress to make sure his enemies would not be able to use this fort.