Château de Gisors

Château de Gisors

Château de Gisors is a medieval fortress located in Gisors, départment of Eure in France. The castle was constructed in 1095 by Henry I of England, Duke of Normandy. Gisors Castle was constructed on a tall hill surrounded by a protective ditch. Initially it was meant as a protection of the English crown of its lands, however in 1193 the French royal armies captured the fortress.


Location: Gisors, départment of Eure Map

Constructed: 1095 by Henry I of England, Duke of Normandy

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Description of Gisors Castle

Gisors Castle became famous as the final prison of Jacques de Molay (on the right) in 1314. He served as the Grand Master of the Order of Templar knights. This powerful order grew larger than any of the European monarchs expected or wanted it for that matter. French king with an approval of Roman pope started a systemic crack down on the order. Jacques de Molay was captured, tortured and questioned in this fortress. It is likely that he was kept in the round keep known as a Prisoner's Tower. However he refused to give up any of his secrets. Eventually he was executed by burning alive.