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Château de Greifenstein

 Château de Greifenstein

Château de Greifenstein is a medieval castle situated in the Griffon Mais Forest on the outskirt of a small French town of Saverne in Bas- Rhin department of France.




Location: Griffon Mais Forest, Saverne, Bas- Rhin department  Map




Description of Château de Greifenstein

Château de Greifenstein is open to the public. In order to get here town of Saverne is the closest option. You can take D132 road toward Lutzelbourg, turn right towards the Ramsthal lae and then follow the Club Vosgien road. Direction to Château de Greifenstein is marked by blue rectangle.



Château de Greifenstein is made up of two parts. The smaller part of castle is known as Petit- Greifenstein (small Greinfenstein). It was constructed in the end of the 13th century. While large portion of the castle is known as Grand- Greifenstein. It was built in the early 12th century by the knight Meribodo de Greifenstein who was related to Ochsenstein. After Greifenstein family was extinguished, the bishop of Strasbourg took control of the citadel. In 1450 Greifenstein Castle was sold to Hohenbourg and then in 1482 to Kirchheim. After the Thirty Years War (1618- 48) Greifenstein Castle was abandoned. The site was used a quarry for the palace of Cardinal Bishop Francois Egon Furstenberg in Saverne.


Two portions of the castles are divided by a large defensive moat. Grand- Greifenstein being the larger and more impressive of the two citadels draws most of tourists. From here you can see a panorama of Saverne, Valley of the Zorn and several medieval castles nearby.




Reconstruction of Château de Greifenstein and its layout Map

Restoration of Château de Greifenstein

Château de Greifenstein Layout Map