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Château de Hohenfels

Château de Hohenfels

Château de Hohenfels is a medieval citadel that stands in a town of Dambach, Bas- Rhin department in France.




Location: Dambach, Bas- Rhin department  Map




History of Château de Hohenfels

Reconstruction of Château de HohenfelsChâteau de Hohenfels was built in the late 13th century. Originally it consisted of six floors and was intended as an observation post to monitor possible enemy movements through the road from Lorraine. Castle was badly damaged when it was sacked by troops from Strasbourg and Haguenau. It was further ruined when it was captured in 1525 by the peasants during German Peasants' War. Hohenfels Castle changed several owners including Lords of Durckheim (1517- 42) and Count Philip of Hanau- Lichtenberg who bought it in 1542. Castle was finally captured, burned and demolished by the French forces in 1679.




Château de Hohenfels was largely abandoned since then, left to the natural elements to erode whatever locals couldn't carry away. Underground structures that were cut into the natural rock are best preserved parts of the former castle. This includes parts of the draining system, water cistern intended to capture rain water and parts of the defensive structures are still visible today.