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Château de Kintzheim

Château de Kintzheim

Château de Kintzheim is a medieval castle that stands on a strategic hill overlooking a village of Kintzheim below in the Bas- Rhin department in France. It was built in the 12th century.




Location: Kintzheim, Bas- Rhin department Map

Constructed: 12th century




History of Château de Kintzheim

Strategic hill on which Château de Kintzheim stands today was used by Merovingian dynasty for protection of the local lands. Apparently there was a small fortress that was constructed here in the 6th century. At the time it was known as Villa Regis. However current castle over a Kintzheim village dates back to 12th century. It was later increased in size by the orders of Emperor Frederick II of Hohenstaufen in the middle of the 13th century. Residential buildings that you see today were added to the military complex in the 14th and 15th centuries.



Château de Kintzheim has a shape of a perfect square. Its main tower was used to observe the area around the castle for any incoming enemies. Unfortunately the top of this dungeon was badly damaged by artillery shell during the Battle of Alsace in 1945 (World War II). The tower was used as an observation post and hence it was viewed as a legitimate military target. Restoration of the Château de Kintzheim began in 1968 and today it is one of the favorite destination in the region. It is annually visited by over 150,000 tourists.