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Château de Ramstein


Château de Ramstein is a dilapidated medieval castle in Scherwiller, Bas- Rhin Department. Its name is a German in origin and can be translated as Crow Stone.




Location: Scherwiller, Bas- Rhin Department Map

Constructed: 1293




History of Château de Ramstein

Château de Ramstein was constructed in 1293 on the same mountain crest as Chateau de l'Ortenbourg at an elevation of 384 m. It was intended to protect the defensive line of Chateau de l'Ortenbourg during conflict between Adolf of Nassau and Albert Habsburg.


Château de Ramstein and Chateau de l'Ortenbourg

Château de Ramstein was originally consisted of a single tower to support besieged forces. In the 14th century it was got additional defensive wall. It didn't really work out and in 1421 Château de Ramstein was attacked and sacked by Strasbourg troops. It was finally taken and demolished by the Swedish armies during the Thirty Years War (1618- 48). It lost much of its military use and was simply abandoned. In the beginning of the 19th century ruins of Château de Ramstein were acquired by Baron de Fabvier Mathieu along with l'Ortenbourg. Today all that remains of the castle is the outer wall and the two towers, built of local granite stone. In 1924 Château de Ramstein was added to a list of a historical monuments. Since 1983 much of structure is officially closed to the public since 1983 due to fear of possible landslides.