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Château du Bernstein

Château du Bernstein

Château du Bernstein is a ruined castle located in Dambach la Ville in France. It stands on a cliff at an altitude of 557 meters.



Location: 2 Rue du Couvent, Dambach- la- ville

Bas-Rhin département    Map

Constructed: 11-15th century




History of Château du Bernstein


Château du Bernstein was constructed in the eleventh century by Counts of Eguisheim Dabo. However the strategic location on the hill overlooking the valley bellow was inhibited since prehistoric times. Northern wall was constructed on the ruins of the prehistoric fortifications. Between 1227 and 1580 castle served as a seat of Episcopal  bailiffs of bishop of Strasbourg. Tower of Saint Marguerite that dominates Bernstein Castle was added in the end of the 15th century. Since the early seventeenth century the fortifications were left unchecked and slowly started to fall apart. The structure was further damaged in 1835 when Felix Darteyn cleared the land destroying parts of the medieval structure. Today the castle is owned by the French state. It was added to the list of historical monuments in 1931.










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