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Château du Grand Ringelstein

 Château du Grand Ringelstein

Château du Grand Ringelstein is a ruined castle that stands on beautiful sandstone cliffs near a town of Oberalash, Bas- Rhin department of France.




Location: Rue de Schotten, Oberhaslach  Map




History of Château du Grand Ringelstein


Château du Grand Ringelstein was constructed in the beginning of the 13th century on a picturesque sandstone cliff at an altitude of 644 meters above sea level. After the family that owned the castle died out, the bishop of Strasbourg took control of Château du Grand Ringelstein. However bishops didn't pay much attention to a small citadel hidden in the woods. So it became a haven for the knights- robbers. In 1470 official troops besieged and sacked Château du Grand Ringelstein in a punitive attack. In 1898 Grand Ringelstein Castle was added to a list of historical monuments in 1898 by French Ministry of Culture. Today only few ruins remain from the former imposing medieval castle.










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