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Migennes is a French commune located in Yonne, the northernmost department of the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region. Its inhabitants are called the Migennois.


Located in the heart of Yonne, Migennes is 21 km from Auxerre, 40 km from Sens, 66 km from Troyes and 75 km from Montargis. It is located almost equidistant between Paris (160 km) and Dijon (169 km).

Capital of the canton of Migennes, it has a little over 7,000 inhabitants. It is the fourth city of the Yonne in terms of population (behind Auxerre, Sens, Joigny). It is part of the urban area of ​​Migennes which has 11,887 inhabitants.

It is also the center town of the Communauté de Communes de l'Agglomération Migennoise (CCAM), which brings together 8 municipalities and nearly 15,000 inhabitants.

Its main districts are: the Cités de l'Armançon, Ville Haute (or Mignottes), Vieux-Migennes and Cœur de Ville.

The town is located at the confluence of the rivers of Armançon and Yonne. It is the starting point of the Burgundy Canal which ends its course in Saint-Jean-de-Losne, 242 km away.

Migennes is decorated by the committee of towns and villages in bloom to the tune of three flowers.


Communications and Transport
Road transport
The City is crossed right through by the Departmental Road 943 (westbound: Laroche-Saint-Cydroine - Joigny - Paris and eastbound: Brienon-sur-Armançon - Saint-Florentin - Troyes).

It is located about 3 km from the Departmental Route 606 and about 20 km from the A6 motorway (Paris-Lyon).

Rail transport
The town hosts the Laroche-Migennes station on its territory (in the city center).

It connects the Parisian stations of Bercy and Lyon (in respectively 1h25 and 1h35 or 1h50). Timing is normally provided every hour. To go to Dijon, Paris or Lyon, it is a must for passengers coming from Auxerre (from which it is about ten minutes away by TER). It also connects Avallon and Clamecy. Laroche-Migennes station is also a freight station. Three times a year, the Migennois Tourist Office organizes guided tours of the Laroche-Migennes railway site for groups.

River transport and goods
Migennes has a river port, managed by a private company, the Boat, from which it is possible to rent pleasure boats to navigate in particular on the Burgundy Canal. The Gravières lock is located on the municipal territory.

The port is used for the transport of goods since it is located half an hour from the port of Gron.

Other means of transport
There is an inter-district shuttle in Migennes.

Branches-Auxerre Airport is approximately 18 km away.



Excavations carried out in 2004 proved that in the fourteenth century BC there were inhabitants during the Bronze Age.

During Gallo-Roman Antiquity, the presence of villae is attested by aerial photography. Mosaics and other objects dating from the Gallo-Roman period were also found on the site. Migennes was called Mitigana (middle of the marshes) under the Roman Empire.

This city owes its fame to its station called Laroche-Migennes in 1918 and also for having been mocked by a talented songwriter, Jean Raymond “Laroche Mimi, Laroche Migennes etc. In the era of steam. As Marc Abélès says in his work "Tranquil Days in 89. Political Ethnology of a French Department": "There are names that still resonate in us, long after we have heard them: Laroche-Migennes is one of those Reminiscent of a train journey to the south of France, this composite word evokes not a place, but a station, an obligatory passage, the last step to be taken to get away from the Paris region. Laroche-Migennes is synonymous with railroad ". He specifies that "Laroche and Migennes are in fact two contiguous municipalities. The station is located in the territory of Migennes".

The bourgeoisie of Joigny (10 km north-west) and Auxerre (20 km to the south) did not wish to have the noise and dusty nuisances of locomotives waiting in the yards at the time of the steam. Under pressure, they gave off fumes loaded with carbon particles. Equidistant from Dijon and Paris to allow the exchange of these locomotives, the decision was made: the depot was therefore ideally located in Migennes. In the past, international trains such as 217, 218 or 219 quickly linked Laroche-Migennes station to all the major cities in the South, the Alps or Italy without requiring a change of train. The Laroche-Migennes station was served from 1999 to 2011 by the TGV Yonne Méditerranée (which linked Melun to Marseille). Since that date, it is still the origin or terminus of TER trains for Auxerre, Dijon or Paris Gare de Lyon and Gare de Bercy.