Montségur Castle


Montségur Castle is a medieval citadel located in Ariège department of France. Although the earliest signs of human settlement on top of the mountain date back to the Stone Age around 80,000 years ago and Roman coins were found here as well, the fame of Montsegur blossomed in the Medieval times.



Location: Ariège department   Map


Description of Montsegur Castle

In 1243- 44 Montsegur Castle and Cathars, heretical Medieval sect, were besieged and eventually taken by the Crusaders during Albigensian Crusade. Legend claims that the true reason Catholic Church undertook a massive hunt was a presence of Holy Grail on the site. Another legend claims that few survivors managed to sneak Cathar gold and Chalice of Grail out of the fortification under cover of a night before the last final attack. Some say they didn't make it far and buried their possessions somewhere on the mountain. New interest in the old abandoned citadel reappeared after publishing of Dan Brown's "Da Vinci Code".