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Nançay is a French commune located in the department of Cher in the Center-Val de Loire region. The city is located south of Sologne and north-east of Vierzon.


Local culture and heritage
Places and monuments
The radio-astronomy station, with the large radio telescope inaugurated by Charles de Gaulle in 1965, the radioheliograph (47 antennas 5 m in diameter), the decametric network (144 antennas over 10,000 m²), as well as a LOFAR station. The land was chosen in 1953 by the École normale supérieure because of its size, its relative proximity to Paris and the absence of an industrial fabric that could generate parasites.
The Pôle des Étoiles welcomes visitors curious to learn more about astronomy. The site has educational facilities, a 40-seat planetarium, exhibits and offers guided tours of the radio astronomy station.
Saint-Laurian Church, built in 1624, rebuilt in the 19th century after it was destroyed by fire.
The castle of Nançay. Castle of 12th century origin, rebuilt on foundations of the 15th century, in the 16th century for the La Châtre family, then in 1855 for Léon Pépin Le Halleur, porcelain manufacturer in Vierzon, who undertook a neo-16th century restoration, following the drawings executed by Georges Rouget during its demolition. In the operating buildings of the Château de Nançay, Galerie Capazza, an international contemporary art gallery created in 1975 by Gérard and Sophie Capazza. The facade, sides and roofs of the Château de Nançay and the outbuildings, the monumental interior staircase located in the south wing of the castle, are listed on the supplementary inventory of historic monuments by decree of July 9, 1986.



The territory belonged successively to the movement of the seigneuries of Vierzon and La Ferté-Imbault, then to the county of Sancerre until the middle of the fourteenth century (Marie de Vierzon, † after 1283, Dame de Souesmes, Neuvy, Nançay and Menetou- Salon, married in 1259 Jean Ier, count of Sancerre), finally in the domain of the house of La Châtre. Indeed, Marie de Sancerre-Sagonne, granddaughter of Count Jean I of Sancerre, brings it to her husband Godemar I (1267-circa 1340/1342), Baron de Lignières, of whom she was the 1st wife; Nançay then fell to Godemar II, Lord of Méréville, Aschères and Mennetou, son of Godemar I and his 2nd wife Marguerite de Précigny-Laleu, who sold Nançay on January 16, 1371 to his brother-in-law Guillaume de La Châtre; in fact Nançay did not leave the descendants of his former masters because Guillaume de La Châtre was the husband of Agnes de Li (g) nières, daughter of Godemar I and Marie de Sancerre.

Joan of Arc passed there, leaving her name to the Virgin Fountain.

Its castle dates from the 15th century and was rebuilt during the Renaissance.

The village is sometimes called the “Saint-Trop '” of Sologne, in reference to a number of personalities living in its surroundings8.

The House of La Châtre de Nançay
In the 13th century under Saint Louis, Ebbes de La Châtre, to pay his ransom when he was captive during a crusade, had to sell La Châtre. After him, in the 14th century, Philippe de La Châtre († before 1360) inherited only Bésigny-en-Gâtinais (in Château-Landon) and was only a penniless knight, but his son - Guillaume de La Châtre thus became Lord of Nançay by acquisition from the Li (g) nières in 1371 and by marriage in this family; he was qualified as chamberlain of the count of Poitiers Charles in 1358. His descendants succeeded Nançay:


His eldest son - Jean († after 1413, date on which he was authorized to fortify his castle at Nançay, as well as his son Pierre will be in 1447; his two younger brothers Guillaume and another Jean are lords of Etréchy who would be Etréchy en Etampois; Maitre d'Hôtel to the Duke of Berry, Bailiff of Gien and Captain of Mehun, husband of Huguette de Voudenay); Father of - Pierre († after 1457; captain of Mehun, gentleman of King Charles VII and also host of the Duke of Berry, married to Marie de Roüy de Menetou); Father of - Claude (counselor-chamberlain of the Duke of Guyenne and of Berry and of his brother King Louis XI, captain of the French Guards in 1473, knight of St-Michel, fighter in Fornoue in 1495, brother of Jeanne de La Châtre who married in 1453 Jean Savary de Lancosme; married in 1460 to Catherine de Menou de Villegongis - heiress with her husband Claude des Graçay de La Maisonfort); Father of Abel (also a fighter in Fornoue; † before his father) and of - Gabriel († 1538; captain of the Gardes du Corps, Maître d'Hôtel to the king and Ceremonies of France, provost of the Order of St. Michael , governor of the Children of France, captain of the Grosse Tour de Bourges, Mehun and Romorantin, faithful to kings Louis XII and François, married 1 ° in 1496 to Marie de St-Amadour, and 2 ° without posterity to Jeanne Sanglier de Boisrogues); Father of Claude (Ier of La Maisonfort; husband of Anne Robertet, daughter of Florimond I of Alluye in Perche-Gouët and widow of Claude d'Estampes of La Ferté: branch of the younger branch of La Maisonfort, father of Marshal Claude II), and the elder.