Wolfsschlucht II


Wolfsschluct II (gorge or ravine of the wolf in German) or simply W2 is an abandoned headquarters of Adolf Hitler during World War II.



Location: Margival, 10 km North- East of Soissons, Aisne department  Map


History of Wolfsschluct II

Wolfsschluct II was part of series of buildings constructed for the leader of Third Reich that became known as Fuhrerhauptquartier. It was carried out by 12000 workers under supervision of organization Todt. Hitler intended Wolfsschluct II as a headquarters for Operation Sea Lion, invasion of Great Britain in 1940, however the construction of the site began only in 1942. The site was chosen for important communication lines that already existed on this site and also because Adolf Hitler fought in the vicinity of the future bunker during World War I. The site was supplied by a tunnel that is also found nearby. Adolf Hitler used it briefly between June 16 and June 17, 1944 as a meeting place with Field Marshal Rommel and von Rundstedt about Normandy Front that was opened by the Allies on June 6, 1944. After the end of the war this complex of military bunkers was destroyed and abandoned. The area around Wolfsschluct II was used by French and NATO forces. In the 1990's it was abandoned by the military and its possession was turned to three municipalities. Wolfsschluct II is situated in a town of Margival, 10 km North- East of Soissons, Aisne department.


Wolfsschlucht II Before, After and Current Condition after fire

Wolfsschlucht II  Wolfsschlucht II  Wolfsschlucht II