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Bayreuth Festspielhaus (Bayreuth)

Bayreuth Festspielhaus was constructed in 1872- 75 on the initiative of the great German composer Richard Wagner (1813- 83) and designed by a famous German architect Gottfried Semper.





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Description of Bayreuth Festspielhaus

Bayreuth Festspielhaus was designed especially to hold operas of Richard Wagner who spent large portion of his life here.


The funds for the construction of Bayreuth Festspielhaus were donated by an eccentric King of Bavaria Ludwig II. Additional resources were given by Richard Wagner himself who had to tour Europe in order to raise the money for construction. Bayreuth Festspielhaus was officially open in August 1876 and was marked by the first performance of Wagner's opera "Der Ring des Nibelungen".


Bayreuth Festspielhaus is located in the northern part of the city. The influence for the theatre architectural design was taken from a similar Opera in Munich. The central portal is decorated with a triangular pediment and a balcony that is supported by a raw of columns. Walls are covered by colorful ornamets typical of the end of the 19th century.


Unique architectureal feature of the interior of Bayreuth Festspielhaus is the fact that the musicians were hidden under the stage, thus the architect increased visually the size of the central stage. Today Bayreuth Festspielhaus is open to the public. Each July and August old theater houses Wagner festivals.









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