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Franz- Liszt- Museum (Bayreuth)


Franz Liszt Museum is a historic private villa of a famous Hungarian composer Franz Liszt situated near Villa Mahnfried that served as a home to another famous composer Richard Wagner.




Wahnfriedstrasse 9

Tel. (0921) 516 64 88

Open: Sep- Jun: 10am- 12pm, 2- 5pm daily

Jul- Aug: 10am- 5pm daily






Description of Franz Liszt Museum

Franz Liszt Museum houses a museum dedicated to the great Hungarian composer Franz Liszt who died here in 1886. Franz Liszt had a connection to another famous resident, Richard Wagner. The last married Liszt's daughter Cosima and the two often visited the house. After the death of Richard Wagner, his widow organised music festivals and Franz Liszt often frequented these events. Ironically during one of these festivals in July 1886 Franz Liszt got pneumonia and later died from its complications.


Franz Liszt Museum was opened on October 22 1993 to mark the 182nd anniversary of the birth of the famous composer. The residence was donated by the Munich pianist Ernst Burger including 260 photographs of the composer and his family. Later the museum was expanded through the work of Richard Wagner Foundation. Franz Liszt Museum cooperates with the authorities of the Austrian town of Raiding that was known as a village of Doborjan, when it was part of Hungary. The collection of the museum holds the posthumous mask of Franz Liszt, personal diary and even "silent" pianos that never made a sound.









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