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Burg Lahneck

Burg Lahneck

Burg Lahneck Castle lies on the Eastern bank where river Lahn joins the Rhine




Location: Rhineland








Description of Burg Lahneck Castle

Idilia Dubb's diary    Burg Lahneck Old Painting

Medieval fortress of Burg Lahneck Castle was build here in 1240. After the Thirty Years’ War the fort was abandoned and it fell in disrepair. Ruins of the castle overlooking the river attracted many tourists who explored grim abandoned fortress. On June 16th 1851 a seventeen year old Scottish girl Idilia Dubb went to explore the romantic countryside. However she failed to return and subsequent searches did not yield any results. In 1860 new owner set to restore the castle to its original appearance. During cleaning of the tower they stumbled on a human corpse. It was all that was left of Idilia. Her diary lay nearby. It turns out that she climbed the top of the tower, but rotten wooden stair collapsed trapping her. Her last words in a diary were: “All I know is that there is no hope for me. My death is certain. ... Father in heaven, have mercy on my soul”.

Burg Lahneck  Burg Lahneck










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