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Rhine Valley

Magnificent Rhein Valley combines natural beauty of the region with interesting historic heritage.












Rhein Valley Map

Burg Godesburg

Burg Godesburg is a medieval castle near Bad Godesberg in Rhein Valley of Germany.

Burg Drachenfels

Drachenfels Castle stands on top of the 321 meters high mountain that is volcanic in its origin.

Schloss Arenfels

Although the Arenfels Castle was originally build in 1260 few architectural features of the former structure remain today.

Rheineck Castle

Rheinneck Castle is located on a Western side of Rhine river at former border between Roman provinces of Upper and Lower Germania.

Hammerstein Castle

Hammerstein Castle was build and occupied by Henry IV who brought here his crown insignia.

Burg Ehrenbreitstein

Burg Ehrenbreitstein is a defensive fortification that stand today on the hill at the confluence of Rhine and Moselle rivers.

Burg Lahneck

Castle Lahneck is most famous for death of seventeen year old girl Idilia Dubb who was trapped in the ruins.

Schloss Stolzenfels

Beautiful pseudo- Gothic castle of Schloss Stolzenfels adds its own charm to the Rhine valley. Located on the Western bank of the Rhine this building is more of the residence than a castle.

Braucbach and Marksburg

Medieval Castles Braubach and Marksburg is the only castle in the Middle Rhine from the medieval times that hasn’t been destroyed.

Burg Maus above Wellmich

Despite its nickname 'mouse', Maus Castle was never captured by the enemy forces.

Castle Rheinfels

Medieval Rheinfels Castle was found in 1245 by Count Diether V of Katzenelnbogen as a base for his toll- collecting operations.

Burg Katz

Standing on the eastern shore of the Rhine river this castle overlooks the town of Saint Goarhausen. It was build in 1371 by Count Wilhelm II of Katzenelnbogen.

Burg Schönburg

Medieval Burg Schonburg get its name from a German word that means 'beautiful mountain'.









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