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Drachenfels Castle


The castled crag of Drachenfels

Frowns o’er the wide and winding Rhine,

Whose breast of waters broadly swells

Between the banks which bear the vine.

And hills all ruch with blossomed trees,

And fields which promise corn and wine,

And scattered cities crowning these,

Whose far white walls along them shine,

Have strewed a scene which I should see

With double joy wert thou with me!

Lord Byron




Location: Rhineland








Description of Drachenfels Castle

Drachenfels Old PictureDrachenfels Castle stands on top of the 321 meters (1053 feet) high mountain that is volcanic in its origin. It is located on the eastern side of the Rhine river. Its name is translated as "Dragon’s Rock" after a popular legend of a dragon who lived in the cave at the base of the mountain. Legendary hero Siegfried killed the evil dragon and bathed in his blood that made him invulnerable. The former owner of these lands, the count of Drachenfels put a winged, fire- spitting dragon on his coat of arm paying tribute to this popular legend. The fortress on the mountain was build in 1117 by Archbishop Frederick I of Cologne. During Thirty Years War it was captured by the Swedes (1632) and the Spaniards (1633). In the early twentieth century industrial stone quarries in the area endangered the ruins of the castle, but the government intervened and protected the area from further damage. Today you can get to the summit of the mountain by railway (active since July 13, 1883) from Königswinter below.




Drachenfels  Drachenfels  Drachenfels

Drachenfels  Drachenfels 

 Just down the stream there is another castle that is called Schloss Drachenburg. It was build in 1883 and its recent restoration was finished in 2003.










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