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Burg Maus above Wellmich

Burg Maus  

Burg Maus Castle is a medieval citadel located on the right side of the river. 


Location: Rhineland





Description of Burg Maus

Burg Maus  Burg Maus  Burg Maus

The construction began in 1356 by Archbishop- Elector of Trier Bohemond II  and lasted for 30 years. Its strange name that comes from a German for “mouse” came from a nickname that was given by the counts of Katzenelnbogen who found the castle Katz (German for “cat”) and castle Rheinfels across the river. The castle was intended to secure the lands of Trier against this family. In fact it one of the best fortified fortresses in the valley. Through its long and turbulent history it was never captured despite numerous attacks and sieges. Eventually it fell in disrepair in the 16th century due to lack of necessity and ever changing military tactics. The castle was repaired between 1900 and 1906 by architect Wilhelm Gartner with great attention to restore its original appearance.


Today the castle is privately owned and it is not accessible to the public. The castle walls and tower hosts aviary that is home to falcons, eagles and owls. Birds are demonstrated between late March and early October. It is one of the last places in Europe that practices this old tradition.











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