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Schloss Stolzenfels

Schloss Stolzenfels

Beautiful pseudo- Gothic castle of Schloss Stolzenfels adds its own charm to the Rhine valley.



Location: Rhineland


Tel. (0261) 516 56

 (0261) 516 56



bus: 650 from Hauptbahnhof


Open: Apr-Sep: 9am - 6pm

Oct-Nov 9am - 5pm

Jan-Mar: 9am - 4pm

Closed: Dec




Desciption of Schloss Stolzenfels

Schloss Stolzenfels Map

Schloss Stolzenfels is located on the Western bank of the Rhine this building is more of the residence than a castle. Although the earliest fortification on this mountain date back to the thirteenth century the castle that you see today was constructed in 1823 by famous architect Schinkel under commission of Kings Friedrich Wilhelm IV of Prussia. Tours are given and you can get a lot of dirt on the French and how they destroyed previous fortifications that were build here.

Schloss Stolzenfels  Schloss Stolzenfels  Schloss Stolzenfels

Schloss Stolzenfels  Schloss Stolzenfels  Schloss Stolzenfels









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