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Burg Schönburg above Oberwesel

Burg Schönburg

Schönburg Burg or Schönburg Castle stands on the Western, right side of the river in Oberwesel, Rhineland-Palatine in Germany. In German the name literally means “beautiful mountain”. Without a doubt this castle deserves this name. Although it was rebuild and renovated several times it still kept its charm and romantic aura. It houses a restaurant and a hotel. It is probably one of the best hotels along the Rhine river that keeps the medieval structure with modern accommodations.



Location: Oberwesel, Rhineland- Palatine  Map

Constructed: 12th century

Official site of hotel




History of Schönburg Castle

First mentioned in the 12th century Schönburg Castle switched many hands and was rebuild several times. Its construction began in the 12th century either by the Archbishop of Magdeburg or as an imperial residence. In 1149 the owner of the castle Hermann von Stahleck probably ordered the murder of his rival Otto II of Rheineck. The dukes of Schönburg had rights to gather taxes from the bypassing merchant ships. This tradition was not much different from open robbery. However the family that owned the castle seems very happy. It is one of the few examples where all sons chose to live under the same roof although the oldest was the owner of the castle. In the 14th century the castle housed over 250 people from 24 families.


The most famous owner of the castle was Friedrich of Schönburg who held the proud title of Marshal of France. He also played a prominent role serving under William III Prince of Orange until he died while crossing River Boyne. After his death the lineage became instinct and the French (who else) burned the castle in 1689 during the Palatinate Heritage war. In the late nineteenth century German- American Mr. Rhinelander bought the castle and restored it. His family apparently was originally from the Middle Rhineland region of Germany. In the 1950 the castle was bought back from the son of Mr. Rhinelander. And in 1957 the Huttle family leased the castle and converted the castle into a hotel and a restaurant.


Burg Schönburg  Burg Schönburg  Burg Schönburg  Burg Schönburg  Burg Schönburg  Burg Schönburg

 Burg Schönburg  Burg Schönburg  Burg Schönburg  Burg Schönburg  Burg Schönburg










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