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Hammerstein Castle or Burg Hammerstein am Rhein


Hammerstein Castle or Burg Hammerstein am Rhein is located on the Eastern bank of the Rhine river in Germany. Very few ruins are left from the magnificent original building.



Location: Middle Rhein  Map


Constructed: 1020 by Otto von Hammerstein




Description of Hammerstein Castle or Burg Hammerstein

  Hammerstein Castle  Hammerstein Castle  Hammerstein Castle

Original fortress of Hammerstein Castle or Burg Hammerstein was build in 1020 by Otto von Hammerstein. In 1071 a new citadel was build here by Henry IV, king of Germany and Holy Roman Emperor. Remains of the 16 feet thick outer wall and the tower are still visible on a 196 meter high hill. Today it is hard to imagine that at certain time this castle was build and occupied by Henry IV who brought here his crown insignia. It served as a private imperial residence. However the castle was heavily damaged in the 17th century during the Thirty Years’ War and soon abandoned thereafter. Only a corner tower with few sectors of the wall are visible from the river. If you have time you can climb the steep hill side to reach military fortifications. Some of the locals reported finding small artefacts from centuries of castle occupation.









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