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Delphi Archaeological Site


Delphi Archaeological Site is an ancient Greek archaeological site situated on Mount Parnassus overlooking the valley of Phocis below.



Tel. 22650 82312


Site Open:

Open: Apr- Oct 8am- 7:30pm daily

Nov- Mar 8:30am- 3pm



Apr- Oct 7:30am- 6:45pm

Nov- Mar 8:30- 3pm






Description of Delphi Archaeological Site


Greek believed this was the location of a navel of the World. Ancient myths told a story of god Apollo who killed giant dragon Python that was known as a protector of this important site. Victorious Apollo became the new master of these lands. Pagan Greeks believed their god gave special powers to an Delphic oracle who could prophesize the future. It is hard to overestimate the importance of the predictions that once were made here. No new colony was found around a Mediterranean, no important political move was carried out without first consulting with the oracle. The belief in special powers of its place and pagan priests spread beyond the Greek World.