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Hosios Loukas (Ὅσιος Λουκᾶς)

Hosios Loukas

Hosios Loukas or Saint Luke is a medieval Greek Orthodox monastery near Distomo, Boeotia region in Greece. It was placed on UNESCO World Heritage list.



Location: Distomo, Boeotia





History of Hosios Loukas Monastery


Hosios Loukas Monastery was found in the 946 AD by a hermit monk Saint Luke who lived on a western slope of Mount Helίkon. The oldest structure in this religious complex is the Church of the Theotokos Panagia erected here in the second half of the 10th century during reign of Emperor Romans II (959- 963 AD). A second church of Katholikon that is adjacent to the previous was constructed in the early 11th century. During Frankish period Hosios Loukas Monastery was transferred to the Catholic Church. During Ottoman Turkish invasion it was looted by the Turkish troops. Despite this is remained an important religious and spiritual sanctuary for the Greek people. During the Greek Uprising of 1821 Hosios Loukas served as a secret base for the "armatoloi" and "klephtes" or freedom fighters.












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