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Ithaca Island (Ιθάκη)

Ithaca Island

"I dwell in shining Ithaca. There is a mountain there,
high Neriton, covered in forests. Many islands
lie around it, very close to each other,
Doulichion, Same, and wooded Zacynthos--
but low-lying Ithaca is farthest out to sea,
towards the sunset, and the others are apart, towards the dawn and sun.
It is rough, but it raises good men."



Location: Ionian Islands  Map




Description of Ithaca Island


Ithaca Island is historic home of legendary Odysseus that is full of interesting places to explore. As you enter fjord like harbor you will see two French forts build here in 1805. Small island called Lazaretto was used by Venetians as a quarantine station since 1665 and from 1864 it was converted to prison. Now it is home to a church. Notable sights in this city include Archeological museum (Kallinikou, Ithaca town, tel (26740) 32200 closed mon) and Folklore museum ( Ithaca town, closed sun and mon). Cave of the Nymphs two miles from Ithaca is a place where Odysseus supposedly buried his wealth.











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