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Koutouki Cave (Σπηλια Κουτουκι)

Koutouki Cave



Location: 4 km (2.5 mi) West of Paiania

Tel. 210 664 2108

+30 10 664 2910

Open: 9am- 4:30pm daily

Entrance Fee: 2 Euro




Description of Koutouki Cave


Koutouki Cave is located on the eastern slope of Mount Ymittos, about 4 km (2.5 mi) West of Paiania or Peania (birthplace of Socrates and Demosthenes) in Greece. Occasionally Koutouki Cave is referred as Peania Cave. Koutouki Cave was accidentally discovered in 1926 by a shepherd who went to retrieve his goat that fell through the crevice in the roof of the underground tunnels. Today the cave is well lighten by electric light. Furthermore handles and steps were added for the safety of tourists as well as to preserve unique picturesque stalagmites and stalactites that are abundant in Koutouki Cave.









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