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Lindos Archaeological Site (Λίνδος)


Lindos Archaeological Site is situated on the eastern shore of Rhodes is part of the Dodecanese islands in southeastern part of Greece.



Location: island of Rhodes, Dodecanese  Map


Tel: (22440) 31258 (info)

Tel: (22440) 31258 (info)


Open: Sep-May: Tue-Sun 8:30am - 2:40pm

Jun-Aug: daily 8:30am - 6pm





Description of Lindos Archaeological Site

Ancient acropolis of Lindos sits on top of a 380 feet (116 meters) rock. Found by the Dorians in the 10th century BC this city’s buildings are a testament of its long history. Greeks who came here built the Sanctuary (Propulaea) in the 5th century and temple of Athena Lindia in the 4th century. However the most famous resident of Lindos from the time was Chares of Lindos who designed the Colossus of Rhodes, one of Seven Wonders of the World. Stoa from around 200 BC and beautiful relief of a trireme from 180 BC was added during Hellenistic period. Byzantine church was built here in the 13th century on the ruins of the older Roman church from the 6th century. Even knights of St. John left a mark here by building a castle here.











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