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Mystras Archaeological Site


The city of Mystras was found in the 1249 by Franks who tried to secure their stronghold in Greece and establish a secure starting ground for Crusades. Founded and designed by Guillaume II de Villehardouin this city could not provide the security. Just 13 years after its construction it fell to the Byzantines in 1262. Mystras archaeological site has two parking lots. And if you don’t want to do a lot of climbing you can simply drive to both and explore close surroundings.









Mitropolis is a Mystras church that dates to 1309 is the oldest church on this site. Inside are beautiful frescoes from the fourteenth century. The mosaic of the double headed eagle on the floor is the site where the last Byzantine emperor Constantine XI Paleologus was crowned.


Pantanassa- this convent is not far from the Mitropolis. This convent dates back to 1365 and still active. Few nuns that still live here are the only inhabitants of the city. You can buy refreshments and handicrafts. If you don’t have your own water this is a good place to stop, since heat waves can be quiet brutal in summer Greece.

Kastro- “the castle” is an impressive high ground that have a beautiful view over the city. Goethe placed meeting between Faust and Helen of Troy on these grounds. The Despot’s Palace was found by the Frankish rulers, but new portions were added in the 14th century where several coronations of the Byzantine rulers were held. 












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