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Philippi Archaeological Site (Φίλιπποι)


Philippi is an ancient archaeological site situated in the North- east Greece.



Location:  Map





Description of Archaeological Site

The city of Philippi was named after Phillip II Macedonian, father of Alexander shortly he conquered it from the Thasians in 365 BC. However most of the buildings from that period are gone and most of remains are from that of the Roman period.


Philippi Archaeological Site played an important part in history. A battle was fought near the city between murders of Julius Caesar, Brutus and Cassius, and Octavian with his ally Mark Anthony in 42 BC. It was called Philippi battle after the city. The murder was avenged and Brutus and Cassius committed suicide. The most famous part of the city is probably the remains of the prison where Apostle Paul was held in 49 AD during his first trip to Europe. Here he baptized first woman on an European continent by the name of Lydia. Another notable sites include Basilica B and ironically public latrine with beautifully preserved 50 marble seats.


Philippi Map


Basilica B (Philippi)


Basilica C (Philippi)


Prison cell (Philippi)

Lavatory (Philippi)













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