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Sounion Archaeological Site (Σούνιο)




Location: 69 km (43 mi) South- east of Athens   Map

Tel. 22920 39363

Open: 9am- sunset daily






Description of Sounion Archeological Site

Sounion is an ancient Greek archeological site located 69 km (43 mi) South- east of Athens in Greece. Sounion is most famous for its beautiful Temple of Poseidon (god of oceans) that stands at Cape Sounion. The Temple of Poseidon was constructed in the 5th century BC on site of the older 8th century sanctuary that was destroyed during Persian invasion in 480 BC under leadership of king Xerxex I. Greek culture and life evolved around sea and sea trade. Needless to say that this shrine played an important role in lives of many sailors. The sanctuary was closed to all armies and all people who did not get permission from the priests. So in the ancient times it became famous as a refuge for run away slaves that escaped from Laurion silver mines near by. During Peloponnese War Sounion was well fortified to defend possessions of the Athens in their war against Sparta and its allies. The site was badly damaged by the orders of Byzantine Emperor Arcadius in 399, but much of its structure was preserved due few residents in the area. In the 1800's Sounion was visited by famous English poet George Lord Byron who left his autograph on one of the marble columns.










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