Arachova is a mountainous town in the Regional Unit of Boeotia built on the southern slopes of Mount Parnassos at an altitude of 950 meters. It was the seat of the homonymous municipality until the end of 2010 while with the implementation of the Kallikratis program it joined the new Municipality of Distomo-Arachova-Antikyra, of which it is a Municipal Unit. Its population according to the 2011 census is 2,657 inhabitants.

It is a popular winter resort, thanks to the existence of a ski resort and its short distance from Athens (153 km).


The prevailing view of the origin of its name is that it comes from the South Slavic word Orechova which means walnut field. But there are two more versions of the origin of its name. According to the first, the area was known as "ta x" onia of the Revolution as "Rachova", a word of Greek root, which comes from the combination "rachis" and "ovas", and which was used to denote the residential association of inhabitants. living in smaller formations. However, according to the Arachovite author of the poem "My grandfather and I in Arachova" (published by "A. Pitsilos", Athens, 1998, p. 13) Georgios T. Syros, this name probably comes from the old village of Rachovo, Grevena , from which came inhabitants persecuted by the Turks during the Turkish occupation. The other version wants the word to come from the Greek "rachis" and the Slavic "ova" (place), so "Arachova" = "backyard".

Arachova is built on a slope of Mount Parnassos, which ends in a ravine, at the bottom of which flows the river Pleistos. The average altitude of the settlement is 950 meters. The settlement is located on the main road that connects from antiquity Delphi and Thebes and the plain of Amfissa with Boeotia. Its location on an important passage helped Arachova to develop to a greater extent than its neighbors. The settlement is 12 km from Delphi, located further west and 160 km from Athens.

The climate of Arachova is dry in summer, with coolness and chill even in the evening, while in winter it is cold with significant rains and snowfall.

It snows heavily with NW or SW winds, several times in the city, but its South orientation, which results in the greatest exposure to the sun, does not favor the maintenance of snow for several days.

The local NE wind (Katevatos), does not favor Arachova in phenomena, but only prevails bitter cold with intervals of sunshine, in contrast to other areas. This is because Arachova is located on the southern slopes of Parnassos, so the Parnassos massif greatly impedes the passage of systems from the North.