Elassona is a town in the Prefecture of Larissa and is built amphitheatrically at the foot of a series of hills, on the south side of Olympus. Elassona is the seat of the Municipality of Elassona, which includes 52 settlements with a total permanent population of 37,264 inhabitants according to the 2001 census.

It is the seat of the Holy Metropolis of Elassona, in whose territory, apart from the Municipality of Elassona, the Deskati of the Prefecture of Grevena is included. (Until 1964 the area of ​​Deskati belonged to the province of Elassona in the prefecture of Larissa). Also, in the same year (1964), the community of Elassona was promoted to a municipality. The patron saint of Elassona is Agios Arsenios, whose memory is solemnly honored on the 8th of May.

One of the most important events in the city is "Eleftheria", where the liberation of Elassona by the Turks is celebrated, on October 6, 1912. The most famous event, due to its nationwide promotion, is the Feta Festival organized by the Municipality of Elassona in cooperation with other bodies around the end of September every two years.


Change in the composition of the Municipality of Elassona
Until 15-3-2006, Tsaritsani belonged to the Municipality of Elassona and was its ninth Local Department. With Law 3448 / 15-3-2006, Tsaritsani was detached from the Municipality of Elassona and is a separate community, the Community of Tsaritsani, something that the local population strongly wanted since the establishment of the Kapodistrian Municipalities.

From 1/1/2011 the entire former Province of Elassona was transformed into a single Municipality, thus forming one of the largest Municipalities in the country.

Natural environment
Elassona is crossed by the river Elassonitis (or Elassonitikos), which contributes to Titarisios and flows into Pinios, the largest river in Thessaly. The river divides the city into two parts, the old city which is built at the foot of the hill of Olympiotissa and is called Varosi, and the new city that stretches on the right bank of the river. The two parts of the city are connected by three bridges and an old arched bridge, which is an attraction of Elassona. Finally, nearby is the lake of Kefalovrysso.

Road access
Elassona is a transport hub providing access from central to northern Greece, connecting by road the prefectures of Larissa, Pieria, Kozani and Grevena. It is 38 km from Larissa, 70 km from Katerini, 78 km from Kozani and 22 km from Tyrnavos.

Buildings and monuments
The Monastery of Panagia Olympiotissa is the most recognizable point of the city, but at the same time the most important monument of the wider area. The katholikon of the monastery is a building of the 13th century.

The monastery is built on a hill at the site of the Acropolis of the ancient city of Olossa.

Sights, apart from the Holy Monastery, are the old arched bridge at the foot of the hill of Olympiotissa, the exhibits of the Museum of Natural History and the Museum of National Resistance, as well as the route on the forest road from Olympiotissa to the Forest.

The data contained in the following table refer to the Municipal community of Elassona with an area of ​​102.5 sq.km. and includes the settlements of Elassona, Agioneri, Aetorrachi and Mikro Eleftherochori. From 1919 to 1964 it was the community of Elassonos when it was recognized as a municipality. The administrative boundaries of the Municipality of Elassonos were expanded with the plans of Kapodistrias (1998) and Kallikratis (2010). The 1940-1981 censuses refer to the actual population and the following to the permanent one.