Granitsa (Evrytania)


Granitsa of Evritania (Evrytania) is a mountain village of Evritania, built at an altitude of 850 meters in a verdant location in the area of Mount Liakoura, next to the small river Granitsiotis.


General elements
Granitsa belongs to the Kallikratic municipality of Agrafa, while until 2010 it was the seat of the Kapodistrian municipality of Aperantia. Formerly it belonged, like the whole of Evritania, within the borders of the prefecture of Etoloakarnania.

The etymology of the name is from the Slavic, in which it means "borders", due to its border position on the first borders of Greece.

It is 83 km North west of Karpenisi and is the homeland of the writer Zacharias Papantoniou, the journalist, logographer and politician Stefanos Granitsas, Demosthenes Goulas, General Ioannis Konstantinos, Michalis Stafylos and the new martyr Michael Mavir in Thessaloniki44. During the Turkish occupation it maintained 17 churches, most of which have been destroyed.

In the village there is the Folklore Museum of Granitsa. It is housed in a building donated by the Granitsioto Brotherhood of Evritania "The New Martyr Michael". There are exhibited various objects of folk art, textiles, wood carvings, agricultural and livestock tools, loom, local costumes, weapons used in the revolution of 1821, portraits and personal items of Zacharias Papantoniou and Stefanos Granitos and paintings by Granipasos (there is also a personal museum for this) as well as the personal library of Papantoniou.

The ten churches of the village, built in different time periods, are also interesting.

In Granitsa there is a Kindergarten, Primary School and High School with Lyceum classes. It also has two hotels, two grocery stores, pharmacy, health center, post office, tavern, cafes.