Livadeia or Levadia (formerly) is a city in Central Greece and the capital of the Prefecture of Viotia. Administratively, according to the Kallikratis Program, it belongs to the Region of Central Greece, in particular to the Regional Unit of Viotia and is the seat of the Municipality of Levadea. It is also the seat of the Holy Metropolis of Thebes and Levadia.



Livadeia is located at an altitude of 160 meters, in the northwestern part of the prefecture, 130 kilometers northwest of Athens and about 30 kilometers from the nearest coast of the prefecture (Distomou Beach, where the settlement of Aspra Spitia is located).

As for the natural landscape, the location of the city is located at the western end of the plain of Kopaida, despite the dried lake of the same name and at the foot of Mount Elikonas, which rises south of the city, while Parnassos is formed quite northwest. Extremely important in the creation and development of the city is the small river of Erkyna, which flows through the city on an axis south to north, to join the Makrisos river and later with the Boeotian Kifissos.

The four main squares of the city of Livadeia are the following: Lambrou Katsoni (or Zappeion), Ethnikis Antistaseos (the Central Square), Tabachnas Square, Agios Meletios Square in the refugee settlement and Odysseas Androutsou Square.

Among the main buildings of the city are the Asylum for the Infirm, the building of the National Bank of Greece and the four main churches: Panagia Theotokou, Agios Nikolaos, Agios Georgios and Evangelistria.

The population of Livadeia is 21,379 according to the 2011 census.