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Psychro Cave (Σπήλαιο Ψυχρού)

Psychro Cave

Psychro Cave is one of the most legendary caves on the Crete Island. The legend claims that it was in this cave god Zeus was born by goddess Rhea. She did it in secret from Zeus' father god Kronos. Kronos was prophesized that one of his kids will overthrow him so he went on a wild rampage to kill all his kids. His wife Rhea managed to flee the wrath of her husband and hid in the Psychro Cave. Here Zeus also spent first years of his life.



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Description of Psychro Cave


For centuries Psychro Cave drew many Greeks from across the Mediterranean basin. Multitude of peoples came to a sanctuary hidden deep inside the ground. During archeological site scientists discovered several altars devoted to the head of the Olympian Gods. Many figurines, pottery and other pieces were abandoned as sacrifices throughout the Psychro Cave.


Today tourists can get to the Psychro Cave by overcoming a fairly steep climb. Impressive stalactites and stalagmites adore the ceiling, walls and floor of the intensive underground passages. If you have enough perseverance you might get to the underground lake, where according to legend Zeus was taking his first bath.