Pylos, historically known in the past and with the Venetian-Italian name as Navarino or Navarino, is a seaside town, which belongs administratively to the Municipality of Pylos - Nestoros and is located west of the Prefecture of Messinia, while until 2010, was the seat of the Municipality of the same name.

It is known for its rich ancient, medieval and modern history. It is pointed out, however, that the first and oldest city of Pylos, Ancient Pylos, is not geographically identical with the present town, although the second is both the honorary and the essential residential continuation of the first. Also, as far as ancient Pylos is concerned, it is identified, only partially, with various archeological remains of palaces and other administrative and residential infrastructures in various other neighboring archeological sites of the wider area of ​​Pylia, but remains essentially unidentified, according to the older ones. modern research researchers. A characteristic reference point of the Mycenaean period of the ancient city is the Palace of Nestor, but also other palaces, such as those that have been found and excavated in nearby Iklaina.

Pylos is today the seat of the Municipality of Pylos - Nestoros, which belongs to the Regional Unit of Messinia, which was established in 2011 with the Kallikratis Program. In the last population census conducted in 2011, the Municipality of Pylos - Nestoros had a population of 21,077 inhabitants, the Municipal Unit of Pylos 5,287 inhabitants, the Municipal Community of Pylos 2,767 inhabitants, while Pylos had 2,345 inhabitants and was the sixth most populous city in the Peripheral Unit. , after the capital Kalamata (54,100), Messina (6,065), Filiatra (5,969), Kyparissia (5,131) and Chora (3,454).

The modern town of Pylos is located in the southwestern part of the Peloponnese, next to the Ionian coast. The port of Pylos is also an important shipping center of the western region of Messinia with upward commercial and passenger / tourist development. Due to the oblong shape of the island of Sfaktiria which "closes" the bay of Navarino, also known as the Gulf of Pylos, and which functions as a natural breakwater, the Gulf of Navarino and the port of Pylos is considered one of the safest moorings in Mediterranean.