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Rhamnous Archaeological Site (Ραμνούς)




Location: Attica  Map

Tel. 22940 63477

Open: daily

Closed: public holidays





Desription of Rhamnous Archaeological Site

Rhamnous Archaeological Site is an ancient Greek settlement situated in Attica region of Greece on a mountains overlooking the Euboean Strait. In the ancient times it was known for its sanctuary dedicated to Nemesis, goddess of vengeance. Thousands of very angry people came here to pray to an ancient deity in hopes she will take care of their enemies. The site of Rhamnous Archaeological Site was destroyed in 399 AD by a Byzantine Emperor Arcadius. Christian ruler issued a decree that closed this pagan religious complex and the settlement was eventually abandoned in the early medieval times. One of the most prominent structures on a Rhamnous site are two temples that stand side by side. The smaller and older temple dedicated to Themis was constructed in the 6th century. In the ancient times the city government used the sanctuary as the official treasury of the settlement. Another temple was dedicated to goddess Nemesis in the mid- 5th century. It contained the statue of the deity, but after the closure of this temple, it was destroyed. Archaeologists managed to rescue several pieces of the original and reconstruct it. The head of Nemesis is currently held in the British Museum in London, UK. Most of the walls of both temples were queried by the locals after Rhamnous was abandoned.










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