It is 95 km from Nafplio and 7 km from Ermioni.


Thermisia is a seaside village in the prefecture of Argolida. It is located in the south of the prefecture, seven kilometers east of Ermioni. It is one of the three municipal districts of the municipality of Ermioni. Its population according to the 2011 census is 331 inhabitants. It owes its name to the ancient temple of Demeter of Thermasia that was located in the area. This name survived to this day corrupt in Thermasi, which later became Thermisia. It is often mentioned for its fortress, the "Castle of Thermisia", as well as for its rich salt pans.

Administrative changes
Thermisia was connected administratively with its neighbor Ermioni, until 1955 when it was a separate community. The settlements of Agia Aikaterini, Akti Hydra, Metohi, Pigadia, Plepi, and Solinari also belonged to the thermal community. The community of Thermisia was abolished in 1998 when, with the implementation of the Kapodistrias program, it joined the Municipality of Ermioni. With the implementation of the Kallikratis program, in 2011, it joined the Municipality of Ermionida.

The village experienced significant population growth until 1951 but since then its population has decreased significantly.