Tyros (Tsakonika: Tere) is a seaside town in the prefecture of Arcadia. It was the seat of the Municipality of Tyros and the current seat of the Municipal Unit of Tire of the Municipality of South Kynouria. It includes three settlements: Ano Tyros, Kato Tyros and Tyros beach.

It is located in the middle of Kynouria, between the foothills of Mount Parnon and the shores of the Myrtos Sea.

It is one of the oldest naval states of the Peloponnese and belongs to the area of ​​historic Tsakonia where the Tsakonian dialect is still spoken and the traditional Tsakonian dance is danced.

Tyros is 180 km from Athens, 71 km from Tripoli, 70 km from Argos, 20 km from Leonidio, 30 km from Astros and 14 nm from Spetses.



Tyros has been inhabited since prehistoric times, it was one of the ports of ancient Sparta, on the hill above the present port, there are the ruins of a prehistoric settlement - castle of Lygaria that helped oversee the port of Komi of Tyros which was located 100m. inside the current Karavostasi location.

Tyros has taken its name from the sanctuary of Apollo Tyritis (APELLONI TYRITA), a local deity worshiped in the area.

The location of the sanctuary is located on the hill of Profitis Ilias southwest of the town.

Extensive excavations were made by Professor Romaios, ancient finds have been found in both the Paliochora plateau of Tyros and Mount Orion (1,194 m).

The findings from the area are now in the museums of Sparta, Tripoli, Astros, the Benaki Museum as well as the Louvre museum.

In the Laconic of Pausanias it is referred to as "earl after port".

In Tyros from 1860 to 1939 operated barite mines at Cape Trikeri northeast of the town. Their last owner was the Athenian businessman Sgourdas.

In the area of ​​Tyros are also the geological layers of Tyros, of the Tripoli zone which, according to geologists of the University of Patras, is found only in the area. It is a very hard rock of blue and green hue, which the locals call "Gerania".

Tyros belongs to the historical Tsakonia and its inhabitants still speak the Tsakonian dialect which comes from the ancient Doric dialect.

The Tsakonian dialect, apart from Tyros, is spoken in Leonidio, Prastos, Kastanitsa, Agios Andreas, Sitaina, Pera Melana and Vaskina.